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Addicts from early birth get second chance

The neonates lie perfect, but just a fraction of their preferred birth weight; their near-naked bodies taped to medical paraphernalia and kept at womb-warmth by their incubators. Nurses glide between them, feeding their minute charges mother’s milk through noodle thin, nasal-gastro tubes. They change nappies the size of a child’s mitten and coo soothing words […]

I Can Walk. The Zimbabwe Clubfoot project

We are bombarded with disturbing and deeply sad stories about a staggering number of suffering children everywhere, none more so than in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I’m Sandy McDonald, founder and CEO of CreateCare Global, and co-founder of the program Knit-a-square. My family and I were born in Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia as it was at […]

Wafa and the orphanage

Wafa Fahour wanted to make a difference, but she wasn’t sure how. I met Wafa at the Islamic Museum of Melbourne, a hidden gem of Muslim Australian history, where she is a volunteer. The museum has beautiful artwork, artefacts, and delicious coffee. An incomplete orphanage for boys Recently, Wafa came across a story about an orphanage […]

Yarns from my aunt – making it all work, true African-style

Ronda is a wonderful story teller. Her words evoke the place and the people almost as if we had been there with her on this truly African-style blanket distribution. Here is an edited, but particularly special, Knit-a-square distribution written in her words: “I loved the way this particular morning’s work quite unexpectedly turned into one of our […]

Coffee, caring and the powerful therapy of knitting

The therapy of knitting Isn’t it amazing how an unexpected call can result in a chain of connections, coincidences and good turns.  Although, perhaps this is the real human condition at work— creativity, responsiveness, connectivity and a willingness to act. This call was from Wendy Leopold.  She lives in the small town of Robe, South Australia. Wendy […]

What is it to be an orphan

Let’s think for a moment about these millions of children, made orphaned and vulnerable through losing their parents to HIV AIDS. What exactly does it mean to be orphaned? The likelihood is that few of us know children who have been orphaned. Most of us may know adults whose parents have died. Many of us may […]