The magnitude of the unheralded human tragedy of millions of suffering children demands we raise awareness

Why we must raise awareness

Nelson Mandela once equated the world to a human body. He said that in the same way a human body cannot deny the impact of gangrene on a limb, the world cannot ignore the plight of so many orphans in Africa. To do so is not just immoral, it imperils us all.

Mandela’s powerful analogy stands for why we must raise awareness of any situation in which children are put at risk or left alone to fend for themselves.

For meaningful and lasting action and change is to take place, first people across the globe must know and understand the issue.

CreateCare Global has set itself two tasks. The first is physical: to bring hope, support and comfort to children for whom poverty and loss are everyday tormentors.

Spread the message, starting with the young and the old

The second, and in our view equally important, is to spread the message to the world. As our new board settles into its work, talented and experienced communicators are already tackling the awareness issue.

Programs like CreateCare Kids are part of the campaign. CreateCare Kids in particular holds enormous promise; it has the potential to ignite the energy, enthusiasm and compassion of young minds awakening to notions of injustice of all kinds.

Through the children, families and whole communities can be drawn in to creating small but intersecting ripples of change on the face of this vast disaster.

Recognition and support

We also raise awareness by highlighting the extraordinary work being done around the world by small grassroots organisations, who with little assistance or presence, go to great lengths to help these children not only survive but thrive.  They deserve not only recognition but support.

Organisations like Knit-a-square South Africa, HUG, Gomo Foundation, Reality Gives, Hope Builders and ZANE demonstrate how much work is being done by selfless, dedicated volunteers worldwide.

We are currently developing relationships with organisations all over the world and raising awareness of their work by writing and sharing their stories here and on social media.

You can help us in this work by reading and sharing these stories as we publish them and our Facebook Page and Instagram feed with your networks.

A mighty wall of ideas, one brick at a time

A wall becomes structurally strong only because hundreds or thousands of bricks are laid, one at a time. Your shares, likes and follows help us raise awareness and are our bricks. And we want to build a mighty wall.