All over the world more orphaned and vulnerable children need support every day

CreateCare Global works to transform the lives of these children by connecting you, your creativity, and your desire to help, directly to the grassroots organisations who care for the children.

We have a growing list of partners for you to work with, and together we can make a tangible difference in a child’s life.

You can choose from many different ways you can support the children –  from knitting 8 inch squares and sending them to Knit-a-square South Africa where they will be made into blankets to warm the children, or working with your personal community to raise the $350.00 needed for ZANE Zimbabwe to help a child with clubfoot walk again.

Share your stories

Beyond promoting the work of these grassroot organisations, where they often lack the resources to do so themselves, we also want to highlight the stories of those of you that make a difference.  Please share your story of how you helped anyone of our partner organisations below, or our potential partners.  We will publish your story and share it on social media as an inspiration of what one person, or a small community can do to make a difference in the life of a suffering child.

Our partners

Knit-a-square South Africa

Knit-a-square was co-founded by aunt and niece, Ronda Lowrie Sandy McDonald to warm and comfort some of the millions of children orphaned or made vulnerable by disease and poverty.  Ronda runs Knit-a-square South Africa with the help of a world wide community and many dedicated volunteers in South Africa and around the world.

They ask that you knit an 8″ square (20cm) and send it to KAS in South Africa, where they are made up into beautiful warm blankets and wrapped around the shoulders of small children who live in great poverty in shack settlements.

The community runs monthly themes for the square knitting and crochetting.   You can find all the details on how to knit and send your squares, and make beanies, jumpers and toys on the website.

ZANE Zimbabwean National Emergency

ZANE is a UK and Australian based charity. ZANE Kids supports a number of projects in Zimbabwe aimed at improving the lives of thousands of children living in extreme poverty.

These projects include providing pop-up classrooms in townships, paying for essential classroom equipment, funding teaching mentors, a clubfoot correction program and providing hearing aids for deaf children.

They encourage school children using their creative problem solving to help raise US$320 to cover the cost of a clubfoot correction program or US$640 for the gift of sound.

HUG – Help Us Grow

HUG – Help Us Grow’ is an Australian-based not-for-profit organization which works to implement and support sustainable community projects in the beautiful rural villages of Uganda in East Africa.

Through ongoing partnerships with local communities in Australia, they are able to establish grassroots agricultural, educational and health based initiatives which continue to empower Ugandan people to make a sustainable difference in their own lives.

HUG also focuses on creating real connections and meaningful partnerships between participants from the programs in Uganda and inspired schools, families, businesses and individuals in Australia.

We are working with Helen Brown, founder of HUG, to establish the implementable projects our community can get involved in to help the children in Uganda grow.

Gomo Foundation

Gomo Foundation is the inspiration of Rugare Gomo, who as a teenager petitioned family and friends to allow him to leave Zimbabwe and complete his education in Australia.

Humbled by the generosity of those who enabled him to receive this education, Rugare has sort to give back to the young women of Zimbabwe who are so often denied an education and the therefore the opportunity to rise above societal barriers.

You can support Gomo Foundation in their inaugural Ambassador program, pledging monthly amounts that equate to six months up to six years tuition fees.

Gomo Foundation Inaugural Ambassador Program