How this school student program could prepare your kids for a changing world

What school student program could engage your children and school students in all the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world while challenging them to make a difference in the lives of suffering children?

By 2040, the world will have an estimated 40 million orphans and children made vulnerable by disease, war, violence, poverty, and ignorance.

The sheer scale of this unfolding tragedy makes many young people (and adults) believe there is nothing realistically they can do to help.

But there is.

CreateCare Kids

For ten years, CreateCare Global have worked with grass roots organisations that labour to support these children, and with privileged school children eager to help.

We know that young people given an opportunity to exercise their native curiosity and compassion bring energy and focus to solving problems.

When you break these problems into bite size pieces, there are tens of thousands of opportunities for young people to find creative ways to provide tangible help.

Multiple options, multiple projects

Where children have nothing they might need shelter – tents, or help with building a refuge, beds or blankets, food and clothing.

To help fight disease, they need clean water, mosquito nets, basic medicine, vaccinations, small medical procedures, blankets, or improved nutrition.

To help their education, they need exercise books, pens, text books, a chalk board, computers, and data.

To enrich their lives, they need access to connectivity and creativity, paints and paper, craft materials, and smart phones and data.

To engage in physical exercise and sports, they need bats and balls, hoops and shoes.

CreateCare Kids School Student Program starts with curiosity

The CreateCare Kids School Student Program starts by engaging students’ curiosity to more fully understand and empathise with these children through research.

Once a group of students has identified the problem they wish to solve, we direct them to grass roots organisations we have relationships with. At the same time, we encourage them to reach out and establish relationships with any organisation they find through their research.

Creative brainstorms

In groups, they creatively brainstorm how to solve the problem. It could be how to raise money for a medical procedure, or raising awareness of a socially hidden issue. It might be providing tents or mosquito nets, the money for a well, or working out how to supply beds for an orphanage.

Imagine a group of children creating an art exhibition based on what it means to have a bed. Creative on many levels, the exhibition not only raises awareness in the community about kids who don’t have a bed, but causes the young people to reflect on privilege and disadvantage.

The paintings are sold and the money is used to purchase the beds. Or the students contact a bed manufacturer in the orphanage’s country and negotiate with them to provide the beds as a pro bono offer. That’s problem solving, creativity, and negotiation skills all rolled into a philanthropic act.

Comprehensive parent and teachers’ resource

We provide parents and teachers with the resources to guide their students in research and creativity. They then raise awareness on behalf of the needy children and the grassroots organisations that work so tirelessly to help.

How do they do it? We ask participating students to film their activities and provide us with a three minute video that documents what they did, for whom and how it worked. Such a body of work from students all over the world will create awareness where there was none, inspiration for others to act, and lobbying power to pressure governments to make more effective change.

Join our community of young global citizens, their teachers and parents. Together we can make small but tangible differences in the lives of children who have nothing but deprivation as their daily companion.

If you are a teacher or parent interested in participating in our CreateCare Kids school student program launch, please contact to find out how you and your children and students can make a real difference in the life of a suffering child now.